Sigma series | ON/OFF

SIGMA is a modern and stylish design air conditioner that matches any interior décor. Swing mode moves flaps up and down for perfect temperature distribution throughout the room.

Washable filter

Auto-restart function

Turbo mode

Dehumidification function

Low noise air flow system


Protective coating

Cleanable panel

Two-directional air flow

Night mode

Anti-cold air

Auto swing

Technical data

User manual
Remote controller manual
Cooling capacity, kW
Heating capacity, kW
Cooling efficiency (EER)
Heating efficiency (COP)
Energy efficiency class (cooling/heating)
Indoor unit sound pressure (Lp) (Hi/Med/Low), dB(A)
Indoor unit dimensions (W×H×D), mm
Outdoor unit dimensions (W×H×D), mm
Indoor unit weight, kg
Outdoor unit weight, kg
Pipe connections (liquid/gas), inch
Operating conditions in cooling mode, ºC
Operating conditions in heating mode, ºC

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